Novel Of The Week: Beautiful Sacrifice by Jamie McGuire

And here we are again with another review of Jamie McGuire's books...I have to be honest, I like the Maddox Brother's series more than "Beautiful Disaster". I was so excited to read this one because it's about Taylor Maddox and the Maddox twins are my favourite characters (between the two of them, I've to say, my favourite is Tyler). Here's to you my review and thought on Beautiful Sacrifice by Jamie McGuire.
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Falyn Fairchild works as a waitress in a diner in Colorado Springs, even if she’s from a wealthy family. She walked away from her parents, their money, her Ivy League education...Chuck and Phaedra, the owners of the diner, are the only people who know why she did so and, because of that, they’re helping her giving her a job and a place to stay. Due to her past choices, Falyn avoids every kind of relationship (expecially romantic ones) and is focus on one main goal: to save enough money to be able to travel to Eakins, Illinois.

Then, one day, Taylor Maddox walks in the diner with his team: he’s a fire fighter, for the spring/summer season. He’s sarcastic, full of himself and immediately attracted to Falyn, even if she made pretty clear she was not interested…until she finds out Taylor is from Eakins. Becoming friend with him would make things easier for Falyn or, at least, that’s what she thought.

Taylor makes no secret he wants him and Falyn to be much more than friends and, after the week end they spent in his hometown, things seem to be going in the right way for them…but Falyn is constantly held back from her past…

What I liked
Some of the scenes and love declarations were really touching, as well as Taylor’s determination in conquer Falyn’s trust and love was admirable. But the scenes I liked the most where the ones with Taylor’s twin brother Tyler in it…I was laughing my tears out!! A special mention to Chuck and Phaedra; they were a positive role model to Falyn and tried to help her anyway they could.

What I did not like
Unfortunately, this time, things I didn’t like where more than the ones I liked…First of all, the descriptions! They were confused and I needed to read twice most of the book, since I didn’t understand what the point was about. Second, it was a non-stop clichè (“she had a rough past and doesn’t want to trust anybody/ ends up to almost ruin the best thing that ever happened to her” kind of thig) and after all the problems they managed to get through, the finale is so granted and disappointing!!

The Maddox twins books were the ones I was so anxious to read and THANK GOD my favourite is Tyler, otherwise I would have felt irritated and disgruntled. This book didn’t matched my expectations and I found the protagonists and the story weaker than the previous Maddox bros books. I really hope that the Tyler Maddox’s one will be a good conclusion of the series.

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My vote: 5/10

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