Movie Review: Point Break

Point BreakPoint Break (2015) by Ericson Core. With Luke Bracey, Edgar Ramirez, Delroy Lindo, Ray Winston and Teresa Palmer.

The only thing that this movie has in common with the the original one (by Kathryn Bigelow and with Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves) is the title and the protogonists’ names. That’s it!

The 1991 "Point Break" was way less ideological and environmentalist, since the surfers/ thieves were all about surfing and having a good life. In this remake the band is made of extreme sports athletes who are more like some highly skilled Greenpeace activists than actual criminals.

For the sports scenes' stunts, they used real life pros and Olympic Medalists athletes and the newest shooting techniques and, belive me, the results were impressive!

Here’s to you the plot and my thoughts!

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Jhonny Utah is a former extreme sport athlete who, after the tragic death of his friend during a motorbikes race, joins the FBI. There, Instructor Hall gives the class a very singular case: a band of thieves is attacking some US related companies and not only they don’t keep the stolen goods, but also they run away in unconventional ways.

Utah thinks they are a group of extreme sports athletes and they are attempting to complete the "Ozaki 8", a challenge that honors the elements of nature. Somehow he’s able to get in the band and gets to know their leader, Bodhi. He welcomes Utah pretty fast in the group, while the others are more reluctant.
Living with them, Johnny understands that their heists are a way to give back to Earth a bit of what we took from.

Knowing both the FBI and Bodhi's version of why they are doing what they do, Utah will have to decide which side to take...even though both of them have their pros and flaws.

My opinion
As I wrote above, this remake is more complicated and profound in its meaning, but the best feature are the sport's scene: they are beyond amazing! I saw the movie in 2D because I can't stand the 3D, but I beat it took those scenes on an higher level. 

Truth be told, besides that, the movie was nothing exceptional, mainly because they maintained the original movie's storyline and final. In my opinion, they could have skipped the "romance" part, because it adds nothing to the plot (Teresa Palmer, however, is gorgeous!).  

Would I reccomend to watch this movie? Absolutely! It might be a know story, but it has everything: action, breath taking views and scenes, humour and a a meaning that makes you think.

Raking : 3¾/5

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