Cure it with Movies/Books: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The general definition of "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" (PTSD) is this: 'an anxiety disorder that can develop after a person is exposed to one or more traumatic events, such as sexual assaultwarfaretraffic collisionsterrorism or other threats on a person's life.' 
(from Wikipedia)

Especially after what happened recently in Europe, Turkey and (for years now) in Syria, I wanted to know more about this disorder and, beside reading specialized medical articles and news papers, I also watched movies and read a few novels on this theme.
It's usually diagnosed on ex military or people who have been in war zones, but also people who have been witnessed/lived extreme violent events, such as death treats, physical assaults and so on.

So here my suggestions.

Born on the 4th of July (1989) by Oliver Stone. With Tom Cruise,  Raymond J. Barry and Caroline Kava
The War at Home (1996) by Emilio Estevez. With Emilio EstevezKathy Bates and Martin Sheen
Brothers Movie PosterMax Movie Poster
Brothers (2009) by Jim Sheridan. With Tobey Maguire, Natalie Portman and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Max (2015) by Boaz Yakin. With Thomas Haden Church, Lauren Graham, Josh Wiggins and Robbie Amell

Making Faces by Amy Harmon - my review HERE
Rome by Jay Crownover - my review HERE
Fighting Redemption by Kate McCarthy
Amoung You by Jake Wood

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