Novel Of The Week: The Death Cure by James Dashner

I've reached the end of this trilogy and I'm already going to start the next one by this author, called "The Mortality Doctrine"!
But before that, here's my review of The Death Cure by James Dashner!
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The story continues 3 weeks after Thomas and his friends got caught and brought to WICKED’s headquarter. 
Thomas, who has been put in total isolation, is now released and can join back his friends. Vice director Janson (Rat man) has some news: everyone is getting their memories  back (the ones WICKED took from them before putting each one in the Maze)…only Thomas, Minho and Newt refused.

The day after the three of them found a way to get out of there and, when Thomas went back to free Teresa and the others as well, he counldn't find them. Feeling confused and abandoned, he leaves with his two friends plus Brenda and Jorge. Direction: Denver. 
There, they’ll find someone who can remove the chips in their brains, so WICKED can't localize them…or at least, that’s what Brenda thinks.

This is just the beginnings; the former Graders will face terrible rivelations, the unexpected come back of an old friend and will get to know the "Right Arm", a group of immunes who wants WICKED to be stopped and to pay for not finding a cure after all these years.

                                                                 What I did not like
This novel (out of the three of the series) is the one I liked least, it failed to keeping me reading, unlike the others two books. 
I think the author exceeded with to much events and adventures for the charatchers, as well as their feelings, which were confused and contradictory. And I didn’t like the inconclusive finale.

What I like

I loved the saga in its complex, I think it has something in common with War World Z and I found the theme of a dystopian and sick human kind original and well written….too bad for this last book.

My Vote:  6 /10

Life update: I'm currently abroad working, so I won't post much this summmer, but in September I'll be back fully! Have a great summer everyone!

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