Novel Of The Week: Beautiful Entourage by E.L.Tood

These past few months I’ve been reading tons of books’ trilogies or sagas, so starting a new one wasn’t on program…I’m glad I didn’t notice that Beautiful Entourage by E.L.Tood was a 5 books saga ‘till the very end of this novel. 
It’s amazing and if you want to know why, keep reading! [SPOILER ALEART]
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Aspen is an intelligent, kind and educated young woman. She works as assistant director in an oil company…companny that belogs to her father and that she wants to administer one day, in order to invest more in renewable resources and drill less looking for oil. Sha has been cheated on by her ex-fiancè, now engadged to be marry to her cousin Isabella, who doesn't lose any chance to make fun and humiliate Aspen. 

Rhett, on the other hand, is the "Disney Prince" kind of guy: of good manners, loyal to his friends and to his brother, Chase (who has a rare and wierd phobia) and of course he's shamefully good looking. Rhett's most special feature is, however, his job: in fact, he is an escort, even if he does not get intimate with his clients (no kissing, no sex, no attachments). He helps people feeling beautiful and in control of their lives and he’s damn good at it.

Eventually Aspen will hire Rhett in order to impress her father and improve her image for the company; Rhett will prove he is worthy of every penny spent, but both of them will have to admit that the chemistry between them is more than the merely fake one they put on in front of Aspen's father.

A special mention needs to be make to a secondary character (in this novel, but not in the saga): Aspen’s BFF, Harper! Saying she’s exhilarating is minimize!

What I liked
I like the names’ choices (Rhett, seriously???), the fact that the protagonists are on their early 30ies and that Rhett feels so close to Aspen to make a priority that Aspen becomes the new CEO of the company.

What I did not like
What I liked less was Aspen's habits to let her father and Isabella denigrate her every time they can. Of course, she’s not a damsel in distress and can take care of herself, but I’d love her to be more combactive on this side. She far too nice for those horrible people!

I read it in less than two days, not because I’m a quick reader or I skipped some parts, but because it’s so flowing you just can’t put it down! 
The book is worth a read and I’m surely going to read the other 4 books, this saga has been a very pleasant discovery!

My Vote: 9/10

I received a copy for free thanks to, in exchange of my true and honest opinion.

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