How to Overall

If you were born in the late '80ies/ early '90ies I can safely bet that you have (in a hidden pictures box somewhere) some photos of a younger you wearing an overall.

When I was younger I hated to wear overalls, but now they're making their major come back on runways, photoshooots and, of course, street style!
So, if you want to try them out and wonder how to style it, here's to you my favourite ways to do so.

All Blacks
Holly G. - Overall
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                                                                  Classic Blue Jeans
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springfield outfit
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                                                                             On Celebs
                           Miroslava Duma rocking a pair of deep oxblood leather overalls by Acne, upping the luxe factor in a what has historically been a denim-only look #StreetStyleI'm not particularly a fan of Kardashian style on the whole, but this look i love. Covered up and sexy.
                                            Miroslava Duma                                       Kylie Jenner
Alexa Chung wears overalls and a trend coat.Overalls Selena Gomez
                                      Alexa Chung                                                   Selena Gomez

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