Who Wore it Best: Long vs Short Edition

Sometimes we saw here on Who Wore it Best actresses, models, singers and bla bla bla wearing the same dress BUT one wore the long/runway version and the other one the short/red carpet version...
And today is no different from those times!
Actress Matilde Gioli attended the Valentino Sala Bianca 945 Event on December 10 wearing this beyond stunning Valention gold dress in its long version while actress Chloe Grace Moretz opted for the short one at the as at Museum Of The Moving Image honours Julianne Moore late this January.  

When I first saw the photos of the Versace Haute Couture fashion show (late this January), I thought "It can't be possible! Two celebrities wore the same dress at the same event!!"

Model Eva Herzigova wore indeed the long version of this Versace red dress and actress Kate Hudson wore the short of it, BUT while the actress was a front row guest, the Czech model was actually doing her job...walking on the runway. So, yes it was the "same dress, same event"  but for two different reasons!

German actress Alicia von Rittberg wore this blue degradè Burberry dress first in November, last year, at "Fury" London screening as part of the London Film Festival, while British model Naomi Campbell wore it short and matched it with black high boots at "Fashion For Relief" event, a week later in London. 

So, tell me....do you prefer the long version or the short one?

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  1. what an original post! I think for the valentino I like the short skirt better (but the long sleeves) and the Versace is much better short!

    xx Anna and Christel <3 it takes 2 to fashion ps. don't miss out on our GIVEAWAY MONTH!