Movie Review: Serial (Bad) Weddings

Serial (Bad) Weddings (2014) by Philippe de Chauveron. With Christian Clavier, Chantal Lauby, Noom Diawara and Elodie Fontan.

The French title of this hilarious comedy is "Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait Bon Dieu?" which means "What did we do, good Lord?"...question that Claude and Marie Vernuil ask themselves constantly...

Old fashioned and uber Catholics, three out of their four daughters married different religions men: an Arabic, a Jew and a Chinese...
Their younger daughter is their "last hope"...

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Claude and Marie have hard times tolerating their sons in law....they're all immigrants! Is not that they're racists, but they'd have preferred that their daughters had married 100% French and Catholics men...and instead they have Rachid (Muslim, married to Isabelle), David (Jew, married to Odille) and Chao (Chinese, married to Ségolène). 
These two parents have every kind of prejudice against them: how is it possible that David is so bad in business since he's jew? And Chao is so puntual and precise!!
Their younger daughter Laure MUST marry a Catholic, MUST! So they decide to invite all their daughters (and families) to spend Christmas holidays with them in Chinon and set for Laure a "blind date" with a friend's son, Xavier.
Set prejudices aside, thay actually spend a really good Christmas and that's when Laure announces (after saying that Xavier is ugly and, frankly, stupid!) that she have been proposed by her boyfriend, Charles, to marry her. And he's Catholic, what a relief for her parents!
Yes, but Laure forgot to mention that Charles is Ivorian...
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We find out that Claude and Charles' father have a lot in common, first of all they don't want their children to marry one another...let the misunderstanding and humorous moments begin, with an happy ending (of course!)

I enjoyed watching this movie, a lot! In periods like this, where religious is synonymous of "hate", "wars" and "pain", a comedy that reunite everyone is a like fresh air...

I particularly loved when David, Rachid and their sons are admiring the Christmas crib, Marie goes to them and says to the children "that is Jesus, our Lord' son!", so David replies "Grandmom exaggerated, Jesus is only a prophet!" and David nods in approval! Whoever wote this scene is a GENIUS!
I'd love to conclude with a quote by Roberto Benigni, who often says: "The only thing we all have in common is that we're all different from one another!"

Raking : 4/5

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