Novel Of The Week - Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Since I loved both Divergent's book & movie adaptation, reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth (second chapter of the trilogy) was nearly a forced choice.
Here's the story! (SPOILERS ALLEART!!)
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It's war!!
Tris is on a train with his brother Caleb, her Dauntless trainer (and now boyfriend) Four, Four’s father Marcus and Peter, Dauntless’ initiates and one of the the cruelest people she has ever known. Their hope is to find asylum at the Amity headquaters.

Erudites and Dauntless (the two factions who joined together and started the war) are still looking for them and the Amity decided they’ll remain neutral to keep peace, meaning that Tris and the rest of the group can stay, but will not be helped. Iin the meantime Tris is still in shock after she shot (and killed) Will, a friend of hers and can't even look at a gun, not mentioning to grab and use one.

While in the Amity's headquarters, Tris finds out that Marcus is hiding some sort of vital information, so important that Jeannine started the whole war thing for it. She think that's safe for everybody to keep the information secret and tries to take possession of it.

Back to the city centre, the group associated with the Factionless, who's leader is anyone but Four's mother, Evelyn, who supposed to be dead.
During all of this, Tris and Four's relationship has some ups and downs, not helped from the fact that Four wants to get to know his mom better while Tris doesn't trust her. Plus Tris wants to immolate herself to the Erudites in order to end the massacre of innocent people...

The final chapters contemplate an epic battle between the Factionless and the  Erudites and with the reveal of the information that Marcus tried to keep secret 'till the very end.

The concept here is nice, it's the development that I'm not excited about! Some parts were absolutely BORING and the whole novel didn't catch my attention like the first one. Plus I couldn't stand Tris' attitude and behave: for almost 3/4 of the story she couldn't care less of her life and tries everything to end it. But she also loves (really????) Four and doesn't want him to suffer, so what does she do? Take secret tasks and completes them with Four's father (that neither Tris and Four can bear) behind his boyfriend's back...seems legit and coherent to me!

Anyway, I liked it enough to make me read the concluding novel of the trilogy, Allegiant.

My vote: 6/10

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