Movie Review: Dear Frankie

Dear Frankie Movie PosterDear Frankie (2004) by  Shona Auerbach. With Emily Mortimer, Jack McElhoneMary Riggans and Gerard Butler

A couple of years ago, I think it was during wintertime, I was zapping without a clear idea of what to watch on Tv and I tripped into this movie while the headlines where running...
I saw Gerard Butler and Emily Mortimer's names so I thought I'd watch it...
I'm glad I did, this movie is really a little pearl!

Here's the story! 

Lizzie travels often from a town to another with her mother Nell (who's a strong and energetic woman) and her deaf son Frankie.
Frankie's father isn't in the picture because he's a sailor on a ship that travels all the world....or at least, it's what Frankie thinks. Truth is that Frankie's father was a violent person and not only used to beat Lizzie but also Frankie, making him deaf when he was little, so she took the baby and run away ever since.

Now Frankie's 9 and to protect him from missing his father, Lizzie told him the "sailor lie" and to make it seems more real she encourages the boy to write letters to him. Then she pretendes to send them, when she is actually reading and answering them.

Problems come when the ship (where Frankie's fake father supposed to be on) docks in the port and Frankie of course wants to meet his father, so Lizzie and her friend Marie came up with a plan: Marie knows someone who's up to leave in a few days and could pretend to be Frankie's father, so Lizzie has nothing to do but "hire" him.

Contrary to all expectations, the "Stranger" gets along with Frankie quite well and also Lizzie starts to like him.....

This is one of the most heart melting movie I've ever seen! It's a story of a mother's love to her son and somehow, at the end, a way to put your past behind your back and move on...

I revealed only a small part of the plot, the rest I leave to you to undercover.

Ranking : 5/5

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