Today's Obsession: Lilac Hair

Pantone, world leader when it comes to colour, chose RADIANT ORCHID as colour of 2014. The colour is a mix between pink and light purple...
Maybe it's because it's almost spring and I'm easily suggestible, but I've actually saw people wearing this colour: on nails, scarves, gloves and even dresses...
Last thing I thought I'd see is dyeing the hair in that colour...and yet I've to belive it because it's happening!!

First there was Kelly Osbourne, it's almost 2 years she dyed her hair light purple and after her we have Ireland Baldwin (in a very electric shade) and Nicole Richie, who dyed her hair with a temporary tincture....
                                                                 Kelly Osbourne & Ireland Baldwin
                                                                        Nicole Richie
We have witnessed an "hair colour rebellion" also on the catwalks and fashion shows, where models showed off their brand new hair!
                                                        Model Chloé Norgaard with purple hair

So what do you think about this upcoming trend?  Would you try on you?
I'm an hopeless undecided, so I wouldn't probably try on me, but I admit I really like the effect it makes on these people up in the pictures!

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