Movies: My top 5 Best&Worst

TOP 5 - Best Movies (in year of release order)

Sabrina (1954/1995) In my opinion, one of the best comedies ever made and I admit that I'm pretty in trouble when it comes to decide whether I like the most the one with Adurey Hepburn or the remake with Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford.
Bambi (1942) One of the most touching story in the movie hisory! A perfect combination of love, friendships that last forever, it brought cuteness to a whole new level.
Moulin Rouge (2001) Not a fan of the musical genre, but I'd foolish not to include this amazing movie. I hope that most of you will agree with me. 
- The Notebook (2004) Beautiful story and surroundings, it's one of the few movies which I wouldn't
 change a thing about! The dialogues are the most fun part, well balanced in sensibilities, sarcasm and frankness.
- The Painted Veil (2006) The Edward Norton-Naomi Watts duo has a perfect chemistry and the story is beyond any expectation. To complete all this, it's set during the Twenties and in China...marvellous!

Top 5 - Worst Movies (in year of release order)

Napoleon Dynamite (2004) the only thing I've to say about this movie is: NO!
- Crank, High Voltage (2009) I want those 96 minutes of my life back!!! What a waste of time!
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) I saw this movie when it first hit the theatres and I'm still here trying to figure it all out!
- Somewhere (2010) I stopped it after the part where Stephen Dorff takes 15 minutes to finish a beer and Sofia Coppola filmed every second of it! Tragic!
- The Grey (2011) after destroying Paris (Taken) and Berlin (Unknown), it doesn't surprise me that Liam Neesom can stand up to an entire pack of wolves, but this movie is pointless...also because it ends at the most interesting part!

What's your top5 of Best & Worst movies?

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