Today's Obsession : Valentine's Day Nail Art

Every moment is perfect for a new and original nail art, BUT when you ACTUALLY have a reason for showing amazing manicure it's almost a duty!
Let's take Valentine's Day for example! Everyone (which have or not a partner) will say the same thing : "Valentine's Day is a commercial festivity, everyday should be a celebration of love and bla bla bla..."

I agree with all this statements, BUT since February 14th is traditionally the "Day of Love", here some cute and funny nail wear whether you're celebrating with your boyfriend or in group with your female friends!

Valentines day Nails!Valentines day nailsValentine's Day nailsCute Nails, heart, perfect for valentine's day!if other nails were black this would be sooo cutevalentine's day nail art ideas
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Which one is your favourite??

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