Roadtrip Monte-Carlo/Paris (part 1)

One day in Monte-Carlo

So…my friend Silvia and I were sitting in front of a nice cup of tea a few months ago, talking about travelling and how we could have spent our week off from classes at the University at the end of April. We both love Paris madly and joking (but not that much!) we were saying that going there would have been great. Silvia is afraid of flying , so she proposed  going by car….maybe stop a day in a city somewhere and than spending 3 days in Paris. So it was planned….we decided to spend one day in Monte-Carlo (where I’ve never been before) and than 3 day in the wonderful Paris!! 

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Day 1, April, 30th : We left Verona at 8 a.m with Silvia’s car, a white Fiat 500. We both were a little skeptical that a car that small could do all the road to Paris, but it did!!
So we entered the highway at 8.30 am and, AS ALWAYS, as soon as we got through Milan we end up stuck in traffic for over 1 hour and a half! Luckily we had the radio on, it was a bright shiny day and we talked about what to see and do during our holiday.  
After Milan,  the traffic slowly faded away and the view become spectacular! We saw the sea and some little towns nearby was amazing! As we passed the border between Italy and France, in less than a 2 hours we were in the Principauté de Monaco, Monte-Carlo!!!  Even if it’s a small country/city, yes! We got lost!                                                              
Silvia and the fantastic Fiat 500
We booked on Internet a room for one night at the Ambassador Hotel. We parked the car in a parking lot near and checked in. The receptionist was kind and professional,  our room clean and had a beautiful view of a part of the city and the sea. It was 2 p.m so we refreshed ourselves and went see sighting! I’ve never been there so I was like “Silvia look at there!” “Omygod have you seen that?” … I was A BIT excited, I have no problem admit that. We first went to see Le Palais Princier (the Royal Palace), unfurtunately just from the outside. We couldn’t ask for a better weather, no clouds in the sky and, even if there was the sun, it wasn’t  insanely hot. After the Palace we walked into some little streets with clothes and chocolate shops and arrived at port Hercules, where all the big yatches are parked. I’ve never seen so many yatches all at once, they’re huge!!  
Near port Hercules a lot of posters and signs indicated thet all the boxes for the F1 Grand Prix would have been placed there.
le Palais Princier

After a bit of shopping we went back to our hotel for changing and then out again for dinner.  We went in a cute little sushi resturant called "my Sushi", in 2 rue des Orangers.  Our waitress was very kind and ITALIAN!! Silvia and I both don’t speak a word of French, so what a relief that we could order in italian. The dinner was fantastic and even more the price, so I highly recommend it!

After dinner we walked a little more and we end up at the  le Casino de Monte-Carlo, where we decided to stop by for playing a bit. I adore “Black Jack”, so I played and Silvia watched.  We stayed there until 1 a.m and I’m proud to say that I won!! Not that much, but it’s still winning.
We got back to our hotel room and went to sleep. 

The day after, we had breakfast at the hotel  at 9 a.m and than went to our car for going on and headed to PARIS!!

To be continued….

Song of the day : Best Days by Matt White

Link to my Sushi restaurant :                                                                                  
Link to Ambassador Hotel :


  1. Very interesting to read..The pictures are amazing. Are they your own? Good collection. I heard that Italian cuisines will be very excellent. I want to know will they be spicy ? I am fond of Mexican food as most of them will be spicy. Can I appreciate the Italian food?

    1. Italian cusine is renowned worldwide so OF COURSE you'll appreciate it...most of it isn't spicy at all, but you can always ask for the most spicy recipe on the menu!