Novel of the Week - Sister by Rosamund Lupton

I love hanging around in libraries, there’s always a book that captures my attention.  Yes, I’m the kind of person that judges a book by its title and cover but nevertheless with this method I’ve found some pretty amazing novels.
One of these novels is indeed Sister by Rosamund Lupton. I’ve read the plot, assumed it could be interestin and well, I was wrong… interesting doesn’t EVEN START to describe it. 

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                                                          Here’s the plot :
When her mum calls her saying that Tess (her younger sister) is missing, Beatrice doesn’t have to think it twice before catching the first flight to London to help her mother and the police out in order to find her sister.  When she gets to her sister’s apartment, she immediately understands that there was something wrong with her disappearance . First of all she was pregnant then it was a very cold winter moreover she wouldn’t just have left like that especially without telling her big sister where she was going. 
One day, Beatrice goes to Hyde Park not because she wanted to but due to a kind of “sixth sense” premonition she had. Once arrived to the park she bumped into the police officer in charge of her sister’s case and together they found Tess’s body in a public bathroom. Later on the autopsy declared what the agents already thought : suicide.                                                                                                                   
Despite the evidence, Beatrice knew her sister would have never killed herself therefore decided to investigate on her own.

The story is written in a letter form Beatrice’s point of view. It begins with Beatrice heading to a lawyer’s office for a full deposition on who she found her sister’s murderer and she’s writing a letter to Tess saying what she has done to find it out.  Even if she was dead, Beatrice wanted her sister to know who killed her.   

The plot might seem simple and uncomplicated as Beatrice after her investigation found the killer but it’s just not. The plot develops furthermore. The story and the events are unpredictable until the very end and even when the reader is at the last page he/she is still quite unsure about what’s going to happen.
I really enjoyed reading it because the writer keeps the suspense high from the start until the end of the book. It’s very sad, cruel and it makes you think how far would one go in order to help the beloved ones. If the reader has any siblings he/she can identify himself/herself a lot in the protagonist because  there’s this fraternal bond that it’s the main theme of the novel.

My vote on this book is : 10/10

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