📺 Korean Tv Series Review: My First Love (애간장)

Literally translate as "Longing Heart", this 2018 series is the first high school K-Drama I've ever watched. One of the male protagonist is Lee Jung-shin, a familiar face since he was in the cast of "Cinderella and Four Knights" as well (click HERE for my review).
Let's jump into the story, shall we?
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Kang Shin-woo is an high school math teacher, funny, caring and his closest friends love him...that's why they keep setting him on blind dates, to make him get over his high school/never forgot crush Han Ji-soo
On the anniversary of his mother's death, Kang Shin-woo meets Han Ji-soo and while he's so happy to see her after 10 years apart, she acts cold and distant. 
My first love
One night, Kang Shin is walking through the "Fireflies Bridge", when he accidentaly falls into the water underneath and wakes up...back in 2007! After a moment of confusion and disorientation, he decides that he'll help his teenage self to get the girl he always loved by pretending to be the new teacher, but what he could have never imagined was that he would end up competing with him...
My Opinion👍👎
I couldn't say much about the plot without spoiling the development, so if you're up for high school romance, with an hint of magic, well...go ahead and watch it!
I think the story is very nice, it doesn't go over the obvious "travelling-through-time" clichès and it's unpredictable until the very end. It's quite emotional since it covers topics such as a parent's loss and living regretting your past actions and decisions, but it's overall an optimistic drama and when at the main protagonist is given a second chance it does everything he can to change his future.

Ranking: 3/5

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