🍵Ranma ½ Guest Cafè in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

If you follow me on Istagram, you have probably noticed I'm currently in Japan!! Right now I am based in Yokohama, which is 20 minutes by subway from Tokyo, but I plan to take some trips all around this fascinating country; I can't wait!!
Today I was in Ikebukuro area, which is filled with shopping malls and every kind of shop you can imagine and/or ask for. One thing I promised myself to try when in Japan was a themed restaurant/cafè and I found out that Guest Cafe was hosting a "Ranma ½" themed cafè and diner so I went there and tried it for lunch.
I thought it would have been difficult to find the place, since Ikebukuro is such a huge station and the only thing I knew was that I had to take the East exit...problem that easily solved because there are signs INSIDE the station that will lead you to the Parco shopping mall, by taking the underground road. Simple as that, you just have to pop in an elevator and go to the 7th floor.
Ranma ½ has been a very popular manga and then anime in the 90ies and is actually one of the few I remember and liked, the characters were so hilarious and their adventure tragicomic! 
So here's what I ordered:

Akane's training curry - it's rice with a spicy curry and stuffed vegetables. They also give you two 'secret' flavours for you to choose and mix in. I didn't try those, the curry was already enough for my taste...

Decorated iced coffee - it's a simple iced coffee, on top of which there's a character stamped on the milk. The character you end up with is random and I got Shampoo's cat form and it was simply beautiful!!
The coffee itself was plain, I should have asked for the hot option, which I saw in the nearest table and it came in a HUGE mug, so maybe you want to try that instead.

Was it hard to order or to make yourself understood if you don't speak Japanese?
Not at all! As soon as they understand you don't speak Japanese, the waitress will hand you an English menu and another paper with other informations about the diner, which are:
  • 1 hour policy: you can't stay there more than one hour, mainly because there's always a line before you can actually get in, so it wouldn't be polite to others who want to have lunch/dinner there.
  • You can't just have a drink or side dishes, you must order a main course as well.
I payed 2,246¥ (tax included) which is 16€/20$ more or less, so it's a bit pricey for what I've ordered, but I was expecting it. I enjoyed the meal and I wasn't hungry after, so to me it was a positive experience. 
Would I reccomend it? If you happen to be in Tokyo and are a fan of Ranma ½, than this is your kind of restaurant, if not...you don't miss that much and there are plenty of other places where you can enjoy an equally good meal.
This is a temporary restaurant, it will remain open until February, 18th.

Ph: all taken by me.

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