📖 Novel of the Week: Riveted by Jay Crownover

Since I finished "Rowdy" I wanted to know what would have happened to Dixie, the bartender at the Bar. She deserves her happy ending like anyone else, even more...keep on reading to know why! Riveted by Jay Crownover everybody!
Dixie Carmichael has a very special talent: she can cheer up anyone that could use some positivity. It's not that she's on a mission, but she spent a few years putting a smile on her face, being positive and feisty for her family sake, after her dad got into an accident that changed her family's routine. She's, by her own words, "everyone's cheerleader."!
But the only face she's desperate to put a smile on seems immune to her attemps.
Dashel "Church" Churchill is a former soldier and was in Rome's team, so when he finished his duty with the army, he moved to Denver and started working as the Bar' security guy. He's not indifferent to Dixie's charm and attitude, but knows things couldn't work for the two of them.

But it's Dixie the one he turns to when he gets a call from his stepfather, saying that Elma Mae (the woman who managed to keep Church's family together after his mom died) fell from the stairs and want him to go back home. Church made up that he didn't come home because of a girl and now that lie is turning against him...

Going home won't be easy for either of them because things and mentalities in Missisipi are hard to die...plus a major and more serious issue is going to hit them.

What I liked 👍

The story starts in Denver, but the main stuff happen in Church's hometown, Lowry, Mississippi. It was good to have a change of scenario this time as well as the two protagonists background: the both lost (or went near to loose) someone they cared about and it's incredible who one decided to stay and "fight" being all smiley and cute and the other set off to war zones. I also ADORED the supporting characters, Church's stepdad and Elma Mae in primis!

What I did not like 👎
The story has the same development as the other two books from this serie and likewise Marked Men, but it's always an enjoyable reading.

My vote: 7/10

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