Cure it with Books/Movies: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Every 27th of January is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, to let us not forget what hate and discriminations can led us to. One thing I'll always remember when I studied World War II during history class has been the fact that Americans filmed and took photos of the death camps because otherwise no one would have believed the horrors they've seen. 

Throughout the years, many movies and books tried to make us understand what has been like living in those years, and it was not just Jews who has been martyred, but political dissidents, gay people and mentally ill ones as well. Not to think about what happened to Japanese people living in the USA or the other way around (like Angelina Jolie's 2014 movie "Unbroken" taught us) or what happened to German soldiers when war was over.

Here's a collection of books and movies (some new, some old) that narrate stories of extraordinary courage and humanity. 

Train of Life Movie PosterDenial Movie Poster
Train of Life (1998) by Radu Mihăileanu. With Lionel Abelanski, Agathe de La Fontaine, Michel Muller and Marie‑José Nat
Denial (2016) by Mick Jackson. With  Rachel WeiszTom WilkinsonTimothy Spall, Andrew Scott and Harriet Walter.
The Book Thief Movie PosterThe Zookeeper's Wife Movie Poster
The Book Thief (2013) by Brian Percival. With Sophie NélisseGeoffrey RushEmily Watson, Nico Liersch  and Ben Schnetzer
The Zookeeper's Wife (2017) by Niki Caro. With Jessica ChastainDaniel BrühlJohan Heldenbergh and Efrat Dor

The Cracow Ghetto Pharmacy by Tadeusz Pankiewicz
The Puppet boy of Warsaw by Eva Weaver
The Toymaker by Liam Pieper
The Baker's Daughter by Sarah McCoy

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