#TTT: Top Ten Tuesday - Summer 2015 Edition

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish.
It was meant to be only for books BUT
I changed it a little bit so will be 5 books I want to read but don't own yet and 5 movies I'm planning to see PLUS it's going to be monthly not weekly.

Here a recap of what I watched/read during this summer months!

in Cinemas
  • Tomorroland - 2¾/5 I found it very nice, maybe Britt Robertson's character is a bit too much over the edge, but in the complex I liked it.
  • Pitch Perfect 2 - 1/5 I understand it: the first movie quickly became a cult, so they had to monetize on it. But, since the result of this second chapter is THIS, they probably should have stopped on the first one (for me, at least!).
  • The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness - 3¾/5 Hayao Miyazaki turned out to be incredibly different from what I thought he was.
  • The Longest Ride (my review HERE)  - 4/5
  • Minions - 3/5 I admit that some scenes are hilarious, but I wouldn't have gone to see it if I wasn't going with children.
  • Terminator Genesys - 3/5 I never saw any of the previous "Terminator" movies, but I found this one perfectly balanced between action and sci-fi.
  • Pixels - 3½/5 In my humble opinion: YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!
  • Paper Towns - 2¾/5 The cast was really good, but the story is floppy.
  • Trainwreck - 4½/5 I propose LeBron James as a candidate for "Best Male actor in a Supporting role" for the 2016 Oscars and, even if the movie is long (the entire dating part with John Cena could have been removed), it's worthing the ticket prize.
  • Inside Out - 4/5 Another big story from Disney/Pixar! 
  • The Rewrite - 3/5 Really good cast and not obvious story, I liked it! 
in DVD
  • Insurgent - 2/5 If you read my review (HERE) then you already know what I thought about the novel....not that much different from my opinions on the movie.
  • the "Hobbit" trilogy - 4/5 Really good, but The Lord of the Rings remains my favourite trilogy by Tolkien's books.
  • Carnage - 2½/5 I know it's based on a theatrical piece and that on screen it's obviously different, but it didn't give me any feeling.
  • Spirited Away - 5/5 It well deserved the Oscar for Best animated Movie.
  • Suite Française - 5/5 Heart meltin!
  • Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster 
  • All The Bright  Places by Jennifer Niven (my review HERE)
  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Riggs Ransom
  • Heroes of Olympus #1 and #2 (The Lost Hero & The Son of Neptune) by Rick Riordan


  1. I really need to watch Minions, they are my faves from Despicable me))


  2. Ciao, sono Jessica di Loving Books. Ti volevo dire che l'altra ragazza non si è più fatta sentire, quindi se vuoi la grafica è tua! Non riesco a trovare la tua email, quindi, se ce la fai a contattarmi, sul mio blog in Contatti la trovi!

  3. Di Miss Peregrine ho letto il primo e il secondo capitolo della serie. Inutile dire che aspetto il terzo con ansia >.<