Novel Of The Week: Edge Of Eternity by Ken Follett

Edge of Eternity: The Century Trilogy 3
And...that's a wrap, everybody!
I finally managed to finish "the Century Trilogy"! It took me what it felt like a lifetime to read this book, because of all the things I've to do in meanwhile, but I made it!
Ladies and gentlemen, here's to you the plot of Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett!
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Its the earlie '60iest and Cold War is on it's highest level ever: 
USA and URSS are in constant conflict, both wanting the same proclaim their superiority to the entire world .
From perennial threats of nuclear attacks, Kennedy's "Bay of Pigs Invasion" defeat to the construction of the Berlin Wall separating its East from West, but also Kennedy and Martin Luther King's assassinations, Chruščëv's fall from Cremilin's highest power, Vietman's War, the hippies movement and much more historical facts are just the surroundings to the actual protagonists: our beloved 5 families!

Carla's (adopted) daughter Rebecca and son Walli are chasing their dream of freedom and equality, so they escape in different moments from Berlin Est to West, not without difficulties.  Rebecca becomes a teacher in Hamburg, while Walli goes to London to fullfil his dream of playing in a band. He's hosted in Loyd and Daisy's home in London and plays in their son Dave's band, the Plum Nellie, which eventually they become very popular and get to perfom not only around UK but also in the US...

But the main families protagonists of this novel are the American and Russian family, of course!

Greg Peskov's illegitimate son George, after graduating from Harvard Law School, starts to work for the Dipartment of Defense, under Bobby Kennedy's leadership. That wouldn't be surprising, except that George is black. He does his best to make Civil Rights a priority in the agenda of President Kennedy (and the others to follow) and yet there's always a more important thing before it! 

His Russian correspondig, Dmitrij  “Dimka” Dvorkin works as an assistent in Cremlin. Even though he believes that Russian comunism has some flaws, Dimka thinks it can be adjusted and exported worldwide...

What I liked
The well known and very precise documentation of the author makes the reader fall into the period. The descriptions of the moments as well as the landscapes and people's, it's like the "Street View" app on Google Maps, you're IN the novel!
As always, the characters are amazing, in their good and bad behaviour. Plus there're two of them I barely (to say AT ALL!) could stand, one was deceptive, arrogant and false. The other one was simply a stupid self-pitying...

If you already read it or are about to do it, comment if you understood who I'm talking about!

What I did not like
The only fact that I didn't like was that the English, German and one of the two American families have been left a bit aside, in order to give more space to the Russian and the other American ones. I understand that the historical period was mainly about this two Nations, still I'd have love to know more about the others as well.

We've reached the conclusion of the trilogy and I already miss it. It has been a walk into the past, from the closest to the most remote. This last chapter was amazing, but my personal favourite will remain "Winter of the World"!

My Vote:  9¾ /10

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