Get Their Look: Dior "So Real" sunglasses

It's no secret that I adore and admire Marion Cotillard' style...she's very elegant,chic and always event appropriate. Olivia Palermo' style instead is contemporary and trendy, moreover that's basically her job!

Lately the two of them have been spotted in different occasions with the same pair of sunglasses: I'm talking about Dior's "So Real" metallic sunglasses, which I deeply fell in love from the first moment I saw them!
Mirrored blue for Marion & Black for Olivia

Do you like them too? After some research, I found this website: and having a look to theirs opitions I found a very simil kind of Dior' sunnies!!

They are of a good quality PLUS their competitive prices make them a good alternative if you (like me, for now!) can't afford to by buy the Dior ones!

Which one do you like most? 

*This post wasn't not sposored by Polette or anyone else affiliate with them.

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