12 hours in Lugano, Switzerland

My twin sister is doing a 6 months internship in Lugano, Switzerland, she's working very hard and in the meantime she's studying for her last University exams and I couldn't be more proud of her...Anyway, the side effect of this internship is that I see her only on the week end (since she came back home on late Friday night, the week end is limited to Saturdays and Sunday mornings) so I decided to go visit her last Wednesday! I took the train from Verona to Milan and from there changed it for Lugano.

Since I've never been in Switzerland I didn't know what to expect and my sister had to work during the day so I had to discover the town by myself. It was a beautiful sunny day, I took a walk along the lake and then did some window shopping. Switzerland is famous for chocolate, cheese, watches and banks...

Since I had no interest in visiting banks (as I'm a University student, I'm always broke!) I decided to try some kinds of chocolate...Best idea EVER!!!! God the where soooo yummy!

All the photos in this post have been made by my sister, so thank you V.!
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see?! I wasn't lying about the beautiful day!
After that my sister finished working, we went into a bar for the happy hour and obviously the time ran so fast I didn't even realize I had a train back home to catch...

Song Of The Day : Paradise by Coldplay


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