Summer in: Puglia (Italy)

This year, my twin sister and I had separate holidays, so I'll start with hers...she went (with her boyfriend and a bunch of other couples) in Castro Marina, Puglia. It's in Southern Italy.

The holiday was all about relaxing, sunbathing (of course, nothing surprising) and eating the superb sea food that makes South Italy so famous and appreciated.

One thing must be said : even if we are twins, she loves sunbathing and came of sooo tan. Really, I was embarrassed of my skin, I look like Casper the ghost compared to her!
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They took a few trips to go visiting the city of Otranto and Lecce...I've been in Otranto last year, it's amazing! It's a little city, very cute and by night there all the city is illuminated by some artistic structures located all around the harbor and the city centre.


Castro Marina is in 
the south of Puglia

Song of the Day : Accidentally in Love by Counting Crows

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