📖 Novel of the Week: Salvaged by Jay Crownover

That's a wrap everybody!!
I've reached the end of  the "Saints of  Denver" series. Author Jay Crownover went beyond any expectation I had for this last novel...in a good or bad way? Read my review to find out! 
Ladies and gentlemen here's to you Salvaged by Jay Crownover.
(this review contains SPOILERS!)

Poppy Cruz faced hell last year, literally: her brutal, abusive husband abducted her after she left him and the entire situation ended up with him being shot at, living Poppy alive but jolting whenever anyone (expecially men) tries to get near her. Wheeler thinks Rowdy's little scared sister-in-law is too cute and gentle to have suffered all of that and can't blame her for being so aloof when she's with strangers...that's why he's so surprised when she shows up at his garage with a dog puppy, saying she thought it was perfect for him; but Wheeler has a lot in his mind right now...

Hudson Wheeler has been abandoned by his own mother when he was just 4 years old, hopped from a foster family to another until he met Kallie Carmichael (Dixie's younger sister) and fell in love with her, even if she was (and is) a spoiled egocentric princess. They were supposed to get married, but Wheeler called the engagement off when he found out she cheated on him...with a girl. She told him so, right after saying she is pregnant!

Poppy and Wheeler's lives are complicated (not to say messed up!) and their own pasts are holding them back, but they find out they're very similar and
, surprisingly, ready to give love once last chance...

What I liked 👍
The differences compared to the previous novels are: 
A) the protagonists' characters and personalities are similar, while in all the other book they were opposites. 
B) Jay's usual scheme goes right out of the window: Poppy and Wheeler are happy together and don't want to leave each other, it's a third person that tries to separate them (and in the worst and cruelest way) while in all the other novel is one of the two that goes away, coming back to his/her steps eventually. I really like this change and the love story is sweet, with a twist of sexy, as always!
What I did not like 👎
For book length reasons, of course, Poppy's journey to trusting people again had to be reduced (even if there's no chapter with her thinking about her past and the huge progress she made), still I think she should have played safer and been a bit more shy and introvert...Plus everything concerning Kallie is too complicated and the relationship that between her and Poppy unnecessary.

One thing I have to say, Jay knows how to write dedications at the very beginning of the novel, they always let me speechless! 
This book is about survivors and people that don't let obstacles and bad things jeopardize their future and everything good it might come with. I was in tears every time Poppy's descriptions of her years with an abusive husband came along, those were quite intense. 

The perfect ending for a well made spin off of Marked Men! 

My vote: 8½/10

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My favourite couple of the series is the one from Built:
 Sayer Cole & Zebulon "Zeb" Fuller.
Which is yours?

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