🌍72 hours in Zürich, Switzerland

Back in March I got the chance to visit Zürich, the famous Helvetic city. I didn't have a proper itinerary, the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to visit was the Univeristy library at Law faculty, everything else I jumped into has been planned once I got there...
Quick infos before I start: wifi in Zurich is free, you only have to insert your cell number and they'll send you a sms with a pass code. Plus everyone there speaks English, so it's not a problem if you don't know a word of Swiss German, like me! 

Day 1 - Churches and Zürich Lake
I've been lucky enough to find a really good weather and so I spent my first day walking around the city visiting its churches. These are the two main ones:
- St. Peter church
It's the city's oldest church and, with its 8.7 meter of diameter, the clock tower has the largest clock face in Europe.
- Grossmunster
This enourmus church earned the title of Zurich landmark and it's easy to see why: you can spot it nearly from every point of the city center. The inside also is worth a visit.

Zürich's lakeside is very crowded during lunch time on a sunny day: it's relaxing to just sit on a bench, eating your lunch while watching all the turists coming and going. Both the sides I visited have beautiful parks and I spent a few hours there, sunbathing and reading.

Day 2 - Bahnhofstrasse & Uetliberg
Visiting the churches on day 1 allowed me to visit a big portion of the city, so for the my second day I decided to do some window shopping in Bahnhofstrasse, aka the shopping street. It's nearly as long as Paris' Champs-Élysées and connects the lake to Zürich central station.
It mainly has chocolates and watches shops, two things Swiss are famous for, but you can find also low cost fashion brands like Zara, Mango, Tally Weijl and H&M. The street is 1.4 km long so it's quite a walk, but belive me, you won't feel tired. I also stumbled into a beautiful little street that goes to Lindehofplatz, where there was a fountain filled with flowers! Amazing!
In the afternoon I hiked up to Uetliberg, Zürich's mountain from which you can enjoy an outstanding view! It's a populat trip, it takes almost 2 hours to reach the top, but it's completely worth it! They say it's particulary beautiful in November, when you can see 360° panorama over the fog that often covers the city.
Risultati immagini per uetliberg
photo credit HERE
Day 3 - Lindehofplazt & Chinese Garden
On my last day I went to Lindehofplatz, a top spot according the sites and travel blogs I checked. It's an huge square/park where you can snap some photos of Grossmunster, the historical centre and Zürich's University from an higher point of view...
Risultati immagini per lindenhofplatz
photo credits HERE
Then I went for the Chinese Garden. I actually have no idea why I decided to visit in the first place and why I decided to do it anyway after I found it was on renovations...still, it was really cool. It was smaller than I thought after watching some photos, but it's a really quite place (compared to the busy lakesides) and it has a little pond with koi fishes, if you have some spare time I suggest you pay a visit.
a beautiful view of the riverside just after sunset! 💗

Ok, so these were the most particular places to stop by while in town.

Zürich isn't a big city and somehow I managed to get lost countless times...which happened to be a good thing since I found really great places with stunning views. You can easily have fun exploring it on a week end getaway; it's clean, expensive (lesser than I thought anyway) and public trasportations are always on time and reliable. I think the best time of the year to visit is in springtime, but there are some great events and attractions all year long.

Oh, yes...this is the Universitu Library I wanted to visit so badly!
Impressive, uhm?!

Have you ever been in Zürich or Switzerland in general?
Which ones are your favourite places to visit?

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