[Vintage] Movie Review: Operation Petticoat

This is probably one of the funniest '50ies movie I've ever seen! Cary Grant and Tony Curtis are amazing, playing two characters who couldn't be more different: the uncompromising commander on one side and the listless marine officer intolerant of rules on the other.
Here's my review and thoughts!
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The movie is set during WWII, in the Philippines. There, Commander Sherman is in charge of a brand new submarine named 'Sea Tiger' and he's ready to sail and fight the Japanese...the only problem is that so do they and, with an air raid, they sink the submarine. But Sherman is determined to fight the war, so entrusted a new member, Nicholas Holden, to find all the components to repair the ship. 
Nick joined the navy with the only  goal of getting into high society and he's objectionable when it comes to the methods he uses for getting all the components, but he succeeds and so the Sea Tiger can sail...or at least trying, because it breaks again shortly after. While on the umpteenth stop for fixing it, Nick comes back on board with 5 new recruits...no problem if it wasn't that they're a group of female army nurses!
As the newly entries and the submarine's crew start to know each others (and have all kinds of misunderstandings), the Sea Tiger manage to survive with broken engines and a varnish malfuction...
My Opinion
I can't decide which I like most: Cary Grant's face expressions or the quote from the captain's logbook "Sighted tanker. Sunk truck.". This movie is a loop of funny and unfortunate events that lead the poor captain and the submarine to an unlikely journey trying to arrive to an US port for getting fixed.
It's funny, mild and full of humour and it's just perfect for a summer night movie!

Raking : 4

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