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Lily Collins is one of my favorite actresses and knowing that she suffered of eating disorders made super curious about this movie. This particular topic has always been something I wanted to deepen since lots of people suffers about it, in fact...

Famous people who defeated this terrible disorder are:
Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden as well as Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe, Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga, who suffered of bulimia.
Portia de RossiDemi Lovato as well as Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario and singer Zyan Malik, who suffered of anorexia. And these are just to name a few...
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The movie starts with Ellen, a skilled artist with a serious anorexia problem, being expelled from a help center because of her negative and bully attitude. Her mother moved to Phoenix, Arizona and so she has to stay with Susan, her step mother, and Kelly, step sister, in California.
Susan is desperate to find a way to cure her, while Ellen is determined to keeping her unhealthy habits.
Their last hope is Dr. Beckham, who's running (with unconventional methods) a community house of cure for young people dealing with the same problem as Ellen, so she's sent there.
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Ellen gets to know other realities of anorexia, beside her: there's Luke, a former ballet dancer that stopped eating when he broke his knee, or Megan, who's really trying to get better. Every single girl (and boy) are struggling (or faking trying) to get back on tracks with their lives, but the journey is long and difficult...

My Opinion👍👎
This movie disturbingly portrays the ugly truth about eating disorders in all their sadness and irrationality. I wanted to quit watching it at least three times, some scenes are really hard to bare and the characters stories will make you burst into tears.
Since eating disorders are an huge reality (also thanks to nowadays social exposure of fashion bloggers/influencers/model) a movie like this is an excellent way to teach what would happen if you start to starving yourself and I loved the positive message at the end, that everything can be solved, if you're willing to let yourself be helped.

Ranking: 4/5

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