[Birthday Edition] The Postman Always Rings Twice #5

Last week was my sister's and mine birthday and I wanted to show you the books I got as presents. First thigs first, my awesome twin got me a brand new e-reader, a Kobo Aura H₂O. I'm still having issues on uploading all the books because the won't get in the way I want them to be...I'll need some time to understand how it works; but I love it!
A couple of friends then got me 4 books from my TBR list and I couldn't be happier! Here they are...
I got two books I wanted for so long:
"Le donne erediteranno la Terra" (Women will inherit Earth) by Aldo Cazzullo, which is a collections of great women whom made history: from Joan of Arc to the women who fought in the World Wars, from Maria Callas to nowadays great women athletes.
"25 grammi di felicità" (25 grams of happiness) by M.Vacchetta and A.Tomaselli, it's the story of the author and the little hedgehog he once found. Since I found two little hedgehogs in my garden, I was curious about these thorny creatures.
The other two books I receive have one thing in common: Japan. 
"I love Tokyo" is written by an Italian hilarious radio dj, la Pina, who's in love with the Japanese capital and is about everything you can do, eat and watch while there and the experiences she had through the years.
"La Cerimonia del Demone Rosso" (Red Demon's Ceremony) by Monica Fumagalli. This novel's about a young girl's journey through Japan, cataloging demons and monster on the way...

So, these were my bookish presents for my birthday, I can't wait to read them! 
Thanks for reading and tell me...what did you get on your birthday?

Pictures by me.

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