Today's Obsession : Soutache Earrings

It has been a while that I was looking for the exact technique's name with which these earrings are made's called Soutache technique.

soutache earrings
This earrings are very versitile: they can be made in different size, lenght and colours.
They are perfect for compliting every outfit and adding some colour to it.
      Soutache earrings.   carousel soutache earrings by BlackMarketJewels #soutache #beads #earrings #statement #purple #jewellery #jewelry #blackmarketjewels

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Aurus  Niepowtarzalna nietuzinkowa biżuteria sutasz-moje życie moja miłość      Soutache earingssoutache earrings Orecchin soutache bianco e oro rosa con giadeite
Soutache orecchini coloratiOrecchini soutache verde arancio autunno

These three last pictures are from an Italian girl, click here for her Etsy page.

There's another blog I'd like to suggest for some soutache creations : Aurus.blogspot
For all the other picture, you can find those and some other more on Pinterest.

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