Switched at Birth

They say that we all have someone on Earth that looks just like us...Sometimes it's just your twin, sometimes is someone who's totally unrelated to you... It all started watching cycle 6 of Australia's Next Top Model, where I noticed that one of the contestant was outrageously identical to Emma Stone...

One thing comes to another, so here's my list of celebrities who look like they're related and yet...they aren't!

Emma Stone (American actress)                                  Kathryn Lyons (Model/Australia's NTM contestant)  
                                 Nick Offerman (American actor)                                         Zach Galifianakis (American actor)
                                Javier Bardem (Spanish actor)                                                       Jeffrey Dean Morgan (American actor)
                                  Carl Philip (Prince of Sweden)                                                           Orlando Bloom (British actor)  
Sarah Shahi (Person of Interest's Samantha Shaw)                   Mercedes Masohn (Chuck, The Finder and 666 Park Avenue's swedish actress)

Did you know some of them? What you think??

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