All the Cruciani bracelets in my home!

And here we are again! So let's get straight to the point, the first post of 2014 is about an Italian bracelet known every where in the world : the Cruciani bracelet.

To be fair....I own only 5 of them, the actually "C bracelets maniac" is my twin sister. She loves mix them up! She also has one combination that she wears when she has an exam, as the lucky mix.

I even put the famous macramè bracelets in the Christmas wish list post (if you missed it, click here). They made their first appearance almost 3 years ago, thay are perfect for every season and they are in different style and colour. So here are ours!

Which is/are your favourite?

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And here some "how to wear/mix them up"!


To be Updated!

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