Today's Obsession : Printed Sweaters

It starts being cold outside, days grows shorter and many of you, like me, have long days at school/University. The solutions are this : you can go on holiday at Bahamas or, like me, you can opt for a sweater or jumper.
2013 is the "printed sweaters" year!
Heidi Klum 
Lily Collins - ZARA's "safe pin" sweater
ELEVENPARIS 'Paris Titan' Sweatshirt
NORDSTROM "Paris Titan" Sweatshirt click here for the website page
Immagine 5 di MAGLIA STAMPATA di Zara
ZARA flower print, click here for the website page
"C'est la Vie" click here for the website
Gisele Bundchen Style Kenzo Sweatershirt Black Jeans-03
model Gisel Bundchen with Kenzo sweater

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