Novel of the Week - The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton


Since my roomate is a book-worm as I am, we've been recommended and exchanging books for a long time. One she was so enthusiastic to nearly force me to read it was The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton and here's the story :

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It's Nell's 21st birthday party when her dads reveals her a shocking truth. She's not his daughter, he found her when she was barely 3 years old at the harbor of Maryborough, all alone, with just a white suitecase and a book of fairytales. Since no one showed up to claim her, he and his wife decided to adopt her.
So who are her real parents? she thought. And decided to find it out by herself.

It's 2005 when Cassandra, Nell's granddaughter, received the white suitcase as Nell's last will. Inside it, she finds the fairytale's book and the deed of a cottege in Cornwall, England. Why her grandmother, who never left Australia, bought a cottage in England?

Cassandra decides to uncover the mistery that her grandmother couldn't solved and realise and incredible truth. That her and Nell' stories are intertwined with Eliza Makepeace's. She was a discete artist back in 1800' second half. Cassandra finds that Nell's was Eliza's daughter but she doesn't know that she wasn't just that.

The novel is a three stories combined into one. We had Eliza's, Cassandra's and Nell's point of view for one of the most intricate and intriguing novel I've ever had the pleasure to read.

My roomate was definitively right to lend me this amazing novel, I've loved it !

My vote : 9/10

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