Movie Review - The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec by Luc Besson (2010)
With Louise Bourgoin, Mathieu Amalric, Gilles Lellouche, Jean-Paul Rouve. 

There’re those evenings where all you want is to shut all your problems out for at least a few hours….Maybe those autumn nights, when you’re felling quite sick and you want to see something hilarious, but not demential.
The extraordinary adventures of Adele is the movie for you.  

Here’s the plot:

Adele’s a young and smart archeologist and she’s in Egypt, seeking for Ramses II’s personal doctor . Her twin sister after a terrible accidenti s forced to bed with a needle in her forehead (during the movie there’s the explanation of what happened).  Adele belives that the egyptian doctor could help her sister. But who could a mummy help?

Adele’s friend and professor Espérandieu developed the ability of bringing back dead to life….In fact, while Adele’s in Egypt, professor Espérandieu brought back to life a pterodactyl  and all Paris is allarmed. Adele has also an enemy Dieuleveult who tried to ends Adele’ search for Ramses II's doctor, but fails and she’s able to go back to her sister.


In Paris, Adele has some hard times in finding professor Espérandieu and when she does, she finds him shooted for trying to protect the pterodactyl but, as his last think to do, he’s able to raise from the dead the mummy.
Adele finds out that the mummy is not a doctor, but an engineer. Discouraged, Adele starts thinking that she won’t be helpfull to her sister, but the mummy convince her to bring him and her sister at the Egyptian wing in the Louvre Museum. There they find that Ramses II and all the other mummies have been awaken from professor Espérandieu  and they’re able to heal Adele’s twin.


The movie ends with Adele on a ship, going on holiday after this terrific adventure. She’s nervous because there’re too many screaming children and says “This holiday started really bad!”
It’s a French movie so maybe you’ll be confuse by their sense of humor, but the dialogues are really amazing, some punching lines are hilarious!, and Louise Bourgoin is actually a pretty good actress.
I’ve described the last scene with also the final line because it’s the typical “WTF” moment, but you’ve to watch the movie, I’m not going to reveal anything more!!

Ranking : 2¾/ 5

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