Novel of the Week : Messenger’s Angel by Heather Killough-Walden


I really liked the first book of  the "Lost  Angels" saga, so I couldn't not read Messenger’s Angel by Heather Killough-Walden. I wanted to know what happends next so here's the plot :

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A few months has past after former Avenger's angel Uriel and his archess Eleanor's wedding and, even if he and Uriel never got along that much, Gabriel (former Messenger's Angel) is pleased for his "brother" happiness. But he wonders when his time to be that happy will come and so he decides to go in the only place on Earth where he feels home: Scotland.

Juliette Anderson is also there for some research for a Tv serie on Scotland's populations and traditions commissioned by publishing and media empire owner Samuel Lambert. She doesn't understand why he choose her instead of a lot of much more qualified reporters, but he pays the whole trip and she can you some of the research for her university tesis. Juliette has some powers, like the ability of healing injured people and she's scared about it.

One night Juliette and Gabriel are in the same pub and when he met her eyes, immeditely understood that she was HIS one. Without even introduce himself, he push her to the nearest wall and kisses her. After few seconds of shock, Juliette punches Gabriel in the face and run upstairs in her room. Thankfully Gabe follows her to apologize and saves her from being kidnapped by the same organization that tried to kidnapped Eleanor.

Gabe has some hard times trying to earn Juliette's trust, but even her can't deny that Gabriel's the man that appears almost every night in her wierd dreams...

I like the amazing descriptions of Scotland's landscapes and monuments, but this second episod of the saga wasn't at the same level of the first one. I have to admit that my favourite characters are Uriel and Azrael, so I read quickly this novel so I could start "Death's  Angel"with Azrael as main protagonist. Anyway it's a pleasant reading and some dialogues are to die for how they're funny!

My vote : 7½/10

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