Movie Review : Now is Good

Now is Good (2012) by Ol Parker. With Dakota Fanning, Josef Altin, Jeremy Irvine, Kaya Scodelario and Paddy Considine.

It starts being an habit the fact that I watch the movie before reading the book it's based on...It happened with "The Host" based on Stephenie Meyer's book, and thank God, I've seen it before the book...If I hadn't, I wouldn't understand anything of the book!!

And now it happened again with "Now is Good" based on "Before I Die" by Jenny Downham.

Here's the story:

Tessa is a 16 years old English girl. She has leukemia and take the brave decision of stop taking medicines because the cancer is at an advanced stage and can't be cure. Her mum left years before so Tessa lives with her dad and her little brother, who have difficulties in understanding Tessa's decision. 

When the doctor suggest her to do "as much as you can, as fast as you can" Tessa comes up with a 'bucket list', a list of things to do before she dies.

Her best friend Zoey is very supportive and excited about doing some things of the list together with her friend, such as doing drung, steal from a store and stuff like this. While burning some clothes and photos of her life before cancer, Tessa meets her new neighbour, Adam. He moved lately with his mother and he's taking care of her after his dad dies. 

They start to know each other and Tessa thinks that Adam could help her realize one thing of the list : falling in love. In the meantime, Tessa start to get worse and spent one of her last days where she's strong enough with Zoey, who's pregnant.

Adam wants to stay and take care of Tessa, but at first he gets scared of this kind of sickness and Tessa's parents suggest him to leave, but he keeps to come back.

Unfortunately for the one of us who hopes for the happy ending, but luckly for Tessa, the movie ends up with her death.

While I'm not Dakota Fanning's fan (it's not that I don't like her, I'm just not impressed by her acting skills) I loved Jeremy Irvines and Paddy Considine's performances.
This movie is a touching example of how strong sick kids are and what change in a family when a child has cancer.

Raking : 2 ½ /5

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