Today's Obsession Christmas Special : Low Cost Presents Under 20-30-40€

A few of my friends (and my sister as well) asked me what I wanted for Christmas… I love reading so I answered to all them “books”! ...
The reply I’ve got back was “No way. Always books. Ask for something else!”
With this in mind and the fact that during all December magazines shows up the “ultimate” gift guide, I’ve decided to do my own Christmas wish list PLUS some advise on what to buy if you are running out of ideas!

Hope you’ll enjoy!

The nerdy-chic / solidarity wish list

1) Tea infuser, Diver click here to buy (9.70)
2) USB Star Wars pen drive, click here to buy (19,90€)
3) Vintage microphone, on Amazon 
4) "Grow your own Christmas tree" and "Adopt a big cat" boxes from Gift Republic (3,99 - 19,90€)
5) Tea mixes from Lov Organic (16€)

The jewelry wish list

1) World map gold necklace, click here to buy (19,99€)
2)  Fortune keeper bracelets, click here to buy (30,20€ each)
3) World map watch, click here to buy (6,74€)
4) Rings from ...& Other Stories (15€)
5) Cruciani snowflake macramé bracelet, click here to buy (10€)

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