15 Random Phrases from Book's I've read

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By now you'd probabily understood that I'm really a book worm. Not a big secret anyway! So here are some funny/ispirational phrases from the novels I've read so far... Only one thing: since I've read the novels in italian, the phrases will be a translation from it and no the exact phrases from the original novel.

So here they are :

- "Shut up! You're an idiot!"
- "That's precisely what my wife said, my lord..."
(The Three Musketeers - Alexandre Dumas)

-"They said the house was haunted!"
-"I challenge you to find one house in Cornwall that's NOT haunted!"
(The Secret Garden - Kate Morton)

"No one likes keeping a secret. The only reason to have secrets is the pleasure to tell everyone about them"
(The Secret Garden - Kate Morton)
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-"I must have fallen asleep.."
-"Unless you don't snore even when you're awake, I would say the same thing!"
(I Am God - Giorgio  Faletti)

-"I go to church on Sunday...You would be welcome too..."
-"Thank, but I'm allergic to incense"
-"What a pity!"
-"My existence's nightmare!"
(Halo - Alexandra Adornetto)

"The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter"
(Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone)

"One of the best things about Paris was going back there after you left"

(The Paris Wife - Paula McLain)

-"You're terrible!"

-"And that's why you love me!"
(The Paris Wife - Paula McLain)

"I don't belive in God...no more!"

-"It doesn't matter, He belives in you!"
(The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas)

"We always have a choice. Everyone has it..."

(The Light Between Oceans - M.L. Stedman)

"Ask for forgiveness one million times if one hundred is enough..."

(You and Me 'Till Worl's End - Nicolas Barreau)

"Time really can heal every wound, but leaves bad scars that will not let you forget"

(Amazzonia - James Rollins)

-"This is the shameless lie I've ever heard!"
-"Of course it it, darling..."
(Pomp and Circumstance - Noël Coward)

-"Sometime people don't understand the promises they've made by the time they made them!"
-"Yes, ok, but you keep your promises! Isn't this what love is all about? Love is keeping the promise anyway!"
(The Fault in Our Stars - Jhon Green)

-"I don't want do to you somerhing like that..."
-"Oh, I wouldn't mind. Hazel, I'll be honored to have my heart broken from you!"
(The Fault in Our Stars - Jhon Green)

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