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Everyone thinks that Iceland is in perpetual winter, always cold and windy...Well, it's not exactly like that. Thanks to the low pression that there's on the island, the weather is changeable...It can go from a beautilf and sunny day to a cold and rainy one from a moment to another.

Seydisfiordur City, IcelandThis beautiful church is in Iceland

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You know that American Eagle is the symbol of U.S, right? Well, Iceland has a bird as symbol's the Fratercula arctica, a.k.a the Atlantic Puffin. 

The main reason why I want to visit it is because of the amazing  phenomenon of Aurora Borealis. Autumn and winter are the perfect periods when you can enjoy the  astonishing night trails.


           Lighthouse The Aurora Borealis | Iceland       

Song of the Day : And You Give by Matthew Barber

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