Summer in: Ortisei, Val Gardena (South Tyrol - Italy)

While my lovely twin sister was relaxing at the beach in South of Italy, I spent the first two weeks of August in Ortisei, Val Gardena. It’s a little town (in South Tyrol) set near the Dolomites, the beautiful (declared “world cultural heritage” by UNESCO in 2009) mountains.

My grandparents and my mother are from Ortisei and I go there to spend a few weeks during the year since I was a child, expecially during summer and winter, when I can go skiing, my favourite sport….and the only one I’m actually good in.

Anyway, this year I spent time doing trekking, hiking and enjoy the beautiful view. In the twon centre during summer’s evenings there are always concerts and other kinds of funny events.     

Most of the time I stay in Ortisei because I have my friends there, but there are some beutiful places where to go and visit like : Selva Gardena (10-15 minutes by car), Bressanone ( 40 minutes by car) and the beautiful Bolzano (40 minutes by car - 1 hour by bus). One importat thing I have to say: the public transport are efficient and always (I mean …ALWAYS!!) on time, so if you don't want to rent a car you won't have to wait ages for them...what a relief!! By night there are clubs and very cute bars where you can hanging.

I leave you with the links of :
Val Gardena (Gardena Valley)’s website :

and a few photos I took

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