Novel Of The Week [Christmas Edition]: Christmas in the Snow by Karen Swan

Here to you another Christmas themed novel...I don't want to spoil the review and thoughts, but let me just say that this is NOT the typical Christmas novel. Now here to you Christmas in the Snow by Karen Swan.
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Allegra Fisher is the best at her job, the problem is that she works in a all men field and she constantly has to work twice as hard just because she’s a woman. She has no time for a relationship, she’s simply too busy: her mom has Alzheimer and she’s on the biggest deal that would make her the only woman CEO in her firm. Then one day, out of the blue, a Swiss police officer calls her  saying they found someone from Allegra’s family’s past…

From London to Zermatt, from high heels to ski boots, Allegra (with her sister Isobel) not only will discover incredible things about their grandparents but also will understand who she really is and what she wants to do with her life…working and private!

What I liked
The international cast: English, Americ...ops, Canadian, Chinese, Italian and, of course, Swiss. The characters are complex, but the best part are the places and landscapes' desciptions. They were so well written it felt like I was there with them. Allegra works in the business field and the author has been good in making all the technical discussions understandable.

What I did not like
There were too many plot twists...I know, it's strange complaing that there're too many events in a books, but here it's difficult to keep up with all the changes in the situations. They ended only with the end of the book itself.

This is probably the shortest review I have ever done, but I wanted it to be spoiler free so I had to cut some parts. As I wrote above, this is not a traditional Christmas novel, it's a lot more: mistery, love, business...they all have their fair part in it and the couldn't be better mixed.
Karen Swan confirmed me she's not a chick lit author at all, even considered the themes she wirtes about.
I can't add anything, if not: WELL DONE!

My Vote: 8/10

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