Who Wore It Best: Salvatore Ferragamo edition

Salvatore Ferragamo is an Italian fashion brand founded by the homonym designer in 1927. The brand recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first store opened in China and the renewed flagship store in Shanghai with a gala dinner. 

The guests were marvellous in the brand fashion pieces, but a few of those Chinese actresses were not the only ones who wore them!
Nayoung Keem wore this Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2015 striped sweater and ribbed skirt and pratically added nothing to it. Just a simpe black purse and black heels. We can say the same for Krysten Ritter, who wore the same outfit a few days after for her appearence at SiriusXM Studios, but I have to say I like the shoes she chose!
Cody Horn wore this coloured striped dress last Septembet while attending the celebration of 100 years of Ferragamo in Hollywood (I know I wrote the brand was found in 1927, don't ask me why 100 years!) and the same dress was choosen by Wang Ho at the Shanghai gala dinner. 
Last but not least were Camilla Belle (at the 100 years in Hollywood event) and Zhou Yi (at the Shanghai event) who both opted for this black lace dress. While Camilla went for dual black lace over green skirt,  Zhou wore a total blak lace skirt and added a brown belt instead of a black one.

That's all for this Who Wore it Best edition, let me know in the comments who do you think owned the look and who didn't!

Photo credit: zimbio.com, justjared.com & vouge.it

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