Novel Of The Week: Straight White Male by John Niven

This is the first John Niven's novel I have ever read, but I heard just positive comments of his "The Second Coming" so I decided to give it a try. Here is my review of Straight White Male by John Niven.
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Kennedy Marr is an Irish best selling novelist, who worked his way up through the UK and now lives in Los Angeles, re-editing scripts for multi-million blockbuster movies.  Kennedy is arrogant, vulgar and selfish, he has a daughter from his first marriage that barely sees and a soon-to-be second ex wife.

It’s pratically impossible to him to be faithful to a woman and he got used pretty fast to the excesses L.A is famous for; expensive clothes and watches, dine in the newest restaurant , cars and alchool helped him to be in constant delay with his work…and taxes. 
His assistant gives him two options:  live frugally for a year and complete all his unfinished work OR to finish his highly anticipated new novel…useless to say, it’s not a bit close to be finished, nor started. 

While Kennedy avoids to dealing with this, in the UK a group of accademics designated him as the winner of a famous literature prize…Accepting it would mean no more financial problems for Kennedy, but also going back to England for a year and teaching creative writing in an University…and a few people aren't happy about this eventuality... Kennedy included!

What I liked
The frankness with which the protagonist describes the "behind the scenes" of making a movie: actors/actresses who think the know better than the script writer and the humour and replies he gives sometimes to his manager, assistant....anybody! Kennedy is hilarious!

What I did not like
Way too many curse words. I know this is part of Kennedy's character, but I don't think that a few less would have ruined the book! 

In the end, I liked the straightforwardness and the careless way of Kennedy in dealing with problems and life. Although it might seem he's insensibile, during the book he explains why he's acting the way he acts with his family back in Ireland.

My Vote:  8/10

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