Novel Of The Week: Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire

Happy Sunday everyone! Here to you my review and thoughts on the catching new novel by Jamie McGuire: Beautiful Redemption. (SPOILERS? ... a bit!)
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This second book from the series dedicated to the Maddox brothers follows the oldest of them, Thomas Maddox, and likewise every other Jamie McGuire's book, also in “Beautiful Oblivion” the point of view isn’t his, but the girl’s he falls in love with, Liis Lindy. 

Liis is a Chicago born and raised young woman and she just moved from there to San Diego’s FBI office. She’s a very talented FBI translator and analyst and she took the chance of moving to California mainly because of her career dream goal: to work in Quantico…it’s a plus add the fact that she broke up with her long time boyfriend and needed a fresh start.

On her first night in town, Liis meets a very handsome and charismatic man and, after a few drinks, the two spend the night together. Liis thought she would never meet the guy again, but not only the discovers he lives in her same flat, he’s also her new boss: Thomas Maddox.

Thomas’ reputation precedes him: he was discreet but happy when he was in a relationship with the 
girl who eventually broke his heart. Now he’s a complete different person: rude, of badd manners and married to his job, Thomas doesn’t admitt any mistake, from himself and his FBI team as well…but the coming of Liis changed everthing.

Now not only they have to work together on a delicate asian/italian mob case in Las Vegas, they also have to recruit Thomas’ brother Travis. They both are stubborn and control maniac, they like each other, but for a reason or another they can’t seem to get along…They are both scared to let themeselves go to their feelings (expecially Liis) and and undercover work would definitely make things worse…or better?

What I liked
This book is different, because is no more a college students’ romance, but two adult people who do a very delicate job and have been (or don’t want to be) hurt. I like the fact that the female protagonist is strong, in seek of indipendency and, on the other hand, the male protagonist is not afraid to show that he needs her, that he's honest on his past and on what he feels for Liis.

What I did not like
Maybe Liis is too hard with herself and Thomas. Sometimes she was exagerated and wanted to prove she could be on her own that she almost pushed Thomas away. She wanted constantly to talk about Thomas’ previous relationship, even knowing that would make them arguing about it. I found this aspect boring; yes, Thomas loved someone before you, but now he loves you. Case closed!

I still have to read the main trilogy “Beautiful Disaster”and (if you read my review of Beautiful Oblivion) you should remember I didn’t understood its final, but thanks to Beautiful Redemption now things are clearer. 

I finish reading the book in two days, Jamie McGuire has a flowy writing style and, as always, also the secondary characters are interesting and funny. This time the story is a bit more complicate due to the two protagonists' particular job, but the base is the good same old: a love story. I liked a bit more Beautiful Oblivion, but I think Beautiful Redmption will make readers sympathize and understand why Thomas and Liis acted like they did.

Beautiful Oblivion: my review HERE

My Vote: 7
½ /10

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