Novel of the Week - Warrior's Angel by Heather Killough-Walden

Finally! my agony has come to an end and I was able to hold (digitally speaking, it's an ebook) the last and most attend chapter of Lost Angels saga, Warrior's Angel by Heather Killough-Walden.

If you’re reading my review for a while now, you'd probabily remember how much I loved the first two novels (reviews: Avenger's Angel and Messanger's Angel) and how disappointed I was about Azrael's one (review: Death’s Angel), and even so, he's still my favourite (just a reminder!).

Without further additions, here's to you the final chapter of the four "brothers" adventures!
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Rhiannon Dante is a fighter, a warrior, she always has been. And that’s why she works for an enigmatic philanthropist, Mr. Verdigri. He lost both his daughter and wife and now he’s the CEO of the Swattowtail Foundation, a special effect company. But that’s only its coverage: the real porpuse of it is to find anywhere women and children is danger (sold as slaves, turned into drug addicts/prostitutes) and set them free.

Rhiannon is the best in her job, mainly because she has some “abilities” that come up handy in dangerous situations: she can move objects with telekinesis, set things on fire, control the wheather and, most important, she can heal herself and others.
She’s an archess, the last to be found by the Old Man’s Favoured Four. She’s Michael’s soulmate and...she doesn't know yet!

Michael can't decide how to reveal to Rhiannon that she’s an angel, HIS angel, so he takes advantage of his NYPD detective’s job and goes to her appartment to interviewing her about a fire in a warehouse a few days earlier, the one she set on fire in order to free some women took hostage.
Rhiannon instantly understand that Michael is more than a simple police officer, and she’ll be proved right in a short time, when Michael helps her defeat an orde of gargoyles.

He can’t do anything other than revealing himself for what he actually is: the former Warrior’s Angel and also that Rhiannon is an archess. There’s so much to process and so little time…the Adrians are looking for her and now also the gargoyles, who want their revenge.

I riassumed the main story, but there’re quite a few secondary characters that I liked a lot: first of all, Mimi, 9 years old Rhiannon’s friend. They’re both red head and the little girl is very fond with her. Plus we’ll finally have the chance to meet Angel, which appears in all 4 books as web friend of all the archess! 
I can’t belive I’m at the end of the saga, I’ll certainly miss all the Favoured Four, this novel is the fair conclusion of their adventures.

As always Heather Killough-Walden invented incredible (yet believable) characters, gave them different attitudes and narrated the story from different points of view (mainly Rhiannon’s). 
The fight and love scenes are engaging and I enjoyed very much the dialogues, as always funny, sarcastic…real!


My vote: 8 ½/10

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