Novel Of The Week: A Calm Whisper

A "Calm Whisper" is a collection of short stories, arts (drawings, paintings and contemporary techniques) and poetries. The meaning of its title is a metaphor for a comparison to the loud voices of famous authors and artists against those who have hard times being published or exposing their works in art galleries and so on.

Section One: Short Stories 

There are 10 short stories, mainly death themed, but instead of being dreary and sad, they are very interesting...the protagonists of each story has his/her own way to deal with it: some are scared, others can't just get peace about losing a loved person or they react to a death sentence with bravery, others doesn't seem to care enough and keep living like they always have been or make a life-changing decision.
Those short stories were heart melting, the ones I like most were "Stripes and Lollipops", "My heart beats for you" and "Annabeth".

Section Two: Art

If there's one gift I envy in people is for sure be able of drawing... I found the art works in this ebook very pleasant and original, both in the themes and the techinques they use to realizing them. I particularly liked the "Sketch of a Town" and "Majestic Water Colors" sections.

Section Three: Poetry

Last but not least, poetry. 
The most of the poems written here are sad, pessimistic and gloomy. That is why I particularly liked "Two Hands"; about an everlasting friendship and "Nothing without You Both", about parent's love and how their guide can help us through all our life.

In conclusion, the authors in this collection are very talented and I'm glad I had the chance to read and see their works. I'm impressed!

I received copy thanks to for free in exchange of my true and honest opinion.

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