Blair Eadie vs Ella Catliff

I'm not a fashion (bloggers) victim, but every now and then I enjoy checking some fashion blogs and have a look to all those outfits...some of them aren't my style AT ALL, but that's a completely different subject.
Today's fashion bloggers aren't new if you follow me from a while. (If you have no clue what I'm talking about click here).
The American adn Brit here bloggers both wore a Self Portrait periwinkle blue dress, both styled it with Mary Jane' shoes. The first was Blair Eadie on July 2014 and she wore black shoes and her signature black sunglasses. Ella Catliff work it as preppy style, with white socks and bicolour shoes at CARAT private dinner last November.

As always, speak your mind and tell me who's your favourite!

  • Blair Eadie
  • Ella Catliff

Photo credits: Ella's blog & Blair's blog

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