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                                 Siracusa, Italy

Siracusa is the 4th largest city in Sicily by population and one of the greatest Greek polis in the ancient era.

This city is not only a place were to go for relaxing on the seaside and sunbathing in summer. It's full of culture and a mix of Greek and Roman monuments and Baroque art.

Here some places to visit and a few photos of this beautiful city!

Cathedral of Syracuse - Temple of Athena 

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Cathedral of Syracuse - Temple of Athena by night

San Jhon's Church 

There are a lot of monasteries, the majors are : Monastero Sant'Eustachio, Monastero Santa Margherita and Monastero Santa Caterina
And now a few photos of Siracusa' sea...

Magical, isn't it?

Song of the Day : Treasure by Bruno Mars

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