Novel Of The Week - Sleeping With Paris by Juliette Sobanet

When I fisrt saw Sleeping With Paris by Juliette Sobanet I thought I knew what I was putting myself into: a "chick lit" novel! Truth is that I have a major problem when it comes to books with "Paris" in their title: I simpy HAVE to read them. 

Then I read it and it turned out being something a bit more complicated than a simple chick lit story, so here's the plot (A LITTLE SPOILER) :

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Charlotte Summers won't live in Georgetown, Washington for long! She and her fiancè Jeff are about to move to Paris for at least one year, thanks to Jeff's job. We find her just a few minutes after she ditched her French teacher's job and is about to go at Jeff's lawyer studio with champagne to celebrate.
Finding his office empty, Charlotte sits on Jeff's work desk to wait for him, hits on his email account and discovers that Jeff was cheating on her! When he comes back (and acts like nothing happened) she breaks up the engagement and leaves!

So now Charlotte is single, jobless and (in two days) she will also be without an appartament, so she takes the drastic decision and goes to Paris anyway! She has been accepted at the Sorbonne University and since her second option is going back in Ohio to her family...she took all her savings and left for Paris!

When finally arrived, Charlotte reflects on all her relationships and concludes that she always has been cheated  and (with this in mind) she starts a blog about her new life in Paris writing the rules that must be followed after a break up in order not to get in the same relationship again.
Her words :"No more Charlotte York, but Samantha Jones". She decided not to be involved in a romantic relationship, but to have fun "like men do".
Seems easy in theory, but in the real life is a whole other story!

Meeting all kinds of people (Fiona, the English girl who still think about her ex after one year they broke up, Lexi the femme fatale and Luc, the gorgeous French man who keeps getting secret phone calls all time of night and day) Charlotte will have to face every kind of situations, some hilarious some a bit less!

Sex and the City (in Paris) meets "I hate Valentine's Day" + "Someone Like You"!!
The questions are always the same: "Can women act like men and separate feelings from sex?" and "How many time does a girl have to be heartbroken for deciding to avoid romantic relationships?"
The answers to those questions are what Charlotte is basing her Paris life on, meanwhile updating her blog so  that she can help other women in the same situation. Sometimes acting like a man could seems the most normal thing on Earth, other times is a nightmare.

I really enjoyed this novel, is funny and unfortunately some of the circumstances are well know from most of us. I suggest this novel to those who (like me) love Paris 
and anyone who's experiencing a break up, for getting another point of view.

My vote : 7¾/10

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